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“Jeremy is thorough, intuitive, and dynamic.”

“I’ve known Jeremy Schooler for almost ten years, working around him in a variety of settings ranging from mentoring children to planning major projects. Jeremy is thorough, intuitive, and dynamic. He has a great eye for detail and excellent reasoning skills.” 

– Bob S.

About Kitsap Home Pro

Kind of a nerd. The builder and interestingly able to stand still in the midst of a storm.

The servant and nurturer – always looking out for ways to lovingly serve others.

The Backstory

Founders Jeremy and Maranda Schooler grew up in the South Kitsap County area in Port Orchard. Through the years, they have had the opportunity to collectively be involved in many experiences that have built up their ties with the community. Some of those include working with, building, and leading crews in the construction industry, working directly with county level leadership, leading in church, and teaching outdoor skills such as hiking to mountain climbing. Their experiences were built on a foundational desire to help and mentor others, and build their own strong work ethic.

Kitsap Home Pro is largely founded on the whole of Jeremy and Maranda’s varied experiences. Being in the construction industry, real estate has always been an obvious progression, but their company is more than just a business – it’s the means to create opportunities for others. Kitsap Home Pro is the sum. It is the overarching program investing in people and creating opportunities.

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How We Work With Homeowners

Transparency! If you have any questions about how we work, what the process of selling a house is, having us help you, or just want to learn more about us, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime! We are passionate about educating people about the home selling experience. You are better served when you know all of your options.

Once you know your options, maybe we’ll have an opportunity to work with you more. If not, that’s okay. We believe that once you know your options you will be better prepared for your next step. That leads right into our Vision and Mission Statement…

Our Vision

Our vision is to find and create opportunities for others to take the next step to living stress-free.

Mission Statement

A mountain is climbed one step at a time. The greatest successes come one step at a time, and often after failure. We exist to create opportunities for others to take another step. Our success will always be found in the steps of others.

Our Core Values

  • Everyone has an opportunity – help them to see it.
  • Be an opportunity seeker and encourager.
  • Slow down. It’s okay to stop and help someone out.
  • Humbly listen and lead with humility.
  • Be polite.
  • Integrity – we stand behind our word.

Why Choose Kitsap Home Pro?

No success is the sum of one person – it is the work of many summed into one place. It is the work of desire, culminating with opportunity, thrust by momentum, and strengthened by encouragement. If you are reading this today, we assume you have that desire. Together, let’s cultivate your next step!

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