What is HYRES?

HYRES = Hybrid Real Estate Solution

HYRES is Kitsap Home Pro’s specialty offering to our clients. It’s the marriage of a professional Washington State real estate investor and a Washington State licensed real estate broker.

With our HYRES option you are given the choice and information you need to work with a professional cash home buyer who can offer cash for houses or a real estate agent who can help sell your home or property on the open market. When you call Kitsap Home Pro you will find both professionals in one office. That way you can rest assured knowing that you have multiple options with clear in-house information about each way to sell your home. This means that when you call Kitsap Home Pro to sell your home you have the power of knowledge, brainstorming, and the ability to ask questions and expect clear unbiased answers from both types of local real estate professionals in [market-city], the surrounding areas, and throughout Washington State.  

The Cash Home Buyer Option to Sell Your Home in Port Orchard – HYRES:

As a cash home buyer and real estate investor in Port Orchard Kitsap Home Pro offers cash for houses. If you need to sell your home fast, need a simple cash home buyer offer, or just want to sell your home easily Kitsap Home Pro can do that. Jeremy Schooler is our in-house professional real estate investor. Jeremy is always happy to sit down and talk through our HYRES option with you. In fact, Jeremy’s favorite part of the business is the consultations and offering professional. It was through these types of meetings that the ideas about HYRES started to come up. Feel free to ask him all the hard questions. We want you to understand the whole process when you sell your home. In fact, we think the most important part of our business is enabling you with knowledge so you can make decisions from a place of knowledge to sell your home the way you think is best for you. That’s why we built the HYRES option.

The Real Estate Broker Option to Sell Your Home in Port Orchard – HYRES:

At Kitsap Home Pro we buy houses with the intention of adding value and then resell them. As a state licensed real estate broker, Maranda Schooler sells most of our homes for us. Armed with this experience Maranda knows how to sell your home on the open market in Port Orchard. Selling homes is most of her work. She is our in-house Washington State licensed real estate broker part of the HYRES option at Kitsap Home Pro. Like Jeremy, Maranda also has a deep-seated desire to help people. As such, in the business of Kitsap Home Pro, Maranda helps people like you walk through the process to sell your home.

Why HYRES in Port Orchard?

As we built Kitsap Home Pro we felt strongly that we wanted to be able to offer as much value as possible to our client – you. Kitsap Home Pro started out saying “we buy houses” in Port Orchard. We quickly learned that the skills we were learning had more value to offer the community in Port Orchard. We’re also actively selling homes. It just made sense to seek out the power of an in-house Washington State licensed real estate broker. As we did that we realized that we now had something very special to offer our clients – a hybrid option! This was the beginning of the HYRES option. Now Kitsap Home Pro still says, “we buy houses”, but we also say, “we can help you sell your home” no matter what the situation is. HYRES was born out of a desire to do better, and it naturally grew to be a better offering for you to sell your home.

Why Choose Kitsap Home Pro in [markey_city]?

Choose Kitsap Home Pro – choose HYRES because we give you the unbiased hybrid power of HYRES – both major professionals in one place to help you sell your home in Port Orchard. When you work with Kitsap Home Pro to sell your home we’ll give you the information you need so you can make informed decisions. Unlike other singular offerings, that may be biased to sway you one way or the other, Kitsap Home Pro does better by fully informing you about your options when you want to sell your home. When you’re thinking about how to sell your home, we’re not your only option, but we are the HYRES option in Port Orchard, and the surrounding areas throughout Washington State. We think that’s very valuable. That’s why we built HYRES.

We bring you the creativity of a real estate investor coupled with the traditional market option of a Washington State licensed real estate broker to help you sell your home in Port Orchard.

We offer you our HYRES option. That’s a Hybrid Real Estate Solution – HYRES

When you’re ready to sell your home, we bring the resources you need to one place.

That’s Kitsap Home Pro – That’s your HYRES option! Reach out today to talk about all of your options.

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